Smart Care


With Smart Care, keep your precious phone safe and secure at all times, no matter where you go! And if anything, ever goes wrong, rest easy with our unbeatable lifetime warranty



the ultimate safeguard for your phone. Shield your device from drops and impacts while keeping the screen scratch-free. Relax, knowing your phone is protected.

Privacy Protection

Upgrade your phone's privacy with our special protection glass. Keep your screen dark and unreadable from the side, preventing prying eyes from seeing your personal information. Protect your privacy, upgrade now!

Clear Protection

Protect your phone without hiding its design with our ultra-thin clear protection. It's stronger than other clear protections and keeps your phone's original look. Enjoy your phone with peace of mind knowing it is protected

Matte protection

Upgrade your grip and style with our matte protection for your phone. The smooth finish feels better to the touch and offers superior protection. Keep your phone looking and feeling great.

Smart Care

Hello and welcome to Smart Services!

We specialize in device repairs and are happy to help you with any problems you may be experiencing. Currently, we are offline but if you leave your phone number below, our customer service team will be happy to call you back as soon as possible to discuss your repair needs.